Our Physio Approac
Our approach is a simplified, individualized and custom way of assessment and treatment. This "simple" approach is why our success rates are very high. Therefore, we have the ability to offer treatment options for stubborn and persistent pain and injuries. Our assessment and treatments are designed to identify problems in the body as a whole, not a single part. Our treatment approach is the difference many people are ready to experience!
Our Physio Clinic
We believe in helping as many people as possible to reach their goals and aspiriatons. In order to be effective in our "why", we created a a clinic where patients access excellent high value physiotherapy. Excellent physiotherapy is all about a patient centred care. We put your health first, and work with you to improve your health and wellbeing. We continue to provide the best level of treatment options for our patients.
Cale Parkyn
Cale Parkyn

Cale Parkyn is a skilled physiotherapist who treats a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. His areas of special interest include: chronic pain, sports rehabilitation, men's pelvic health and vestibular/dizziness rehabilitation. Cale is passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health and wellness. He is certified to provide IMS/Dry needling and spinal manipulation. He is skilled in delivering manual therapy, joint mobilizations and vestibular rehabilitation. When Cale is not practicing physiotherapy, he enjoys fishing, playing hockey, golf and running.