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Neck Pain: Edmonton Clinic

Edmonton’s choice for Neck and Back Pain Clinic. Learn how simple and effective treatments can restore neck movement, strength and eliminate pain for good.

Neck Pain: Overview

Neck pain is  a very common problem that can greatly change your quality of life. Living with neck pain can be difficult to cope with and function. Neck pain can sometimes cause a variety of suffering symptoms. These can range from neck stiffness, muscle tenderness, headaches, jaw pain, and referral down the middle back and sometimes into the shoulder. Many people with neck pain, especially chronic (> 3 months), often report feeling hopeless, and discouraged of the recovery process. Sometimes, exercise can improve neck symptoms, but often too much stress to the neck can aggravate symptoms. The balance required to stimulate healing and improve strength is often difficult to gauge.

Neck Pain: Common Symptoms

Neck stiffness with range of motion
Increase pain with end range movements
Loss of mobility with movement
Tender muscles and joints
Nerve root irritation
Radiating pain into upper back and shoulder
Headaches and or jaw pain

Neck Pain: Common Diagnosis   

There are a variety of reasons why you may be experiencing neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain is a result of trauma or injury, such as whiplash in a motor vehicle accident. Other times, neck pain can occur for no apparent reason and can be stubborn to remove. Neck pain is commonly aggravated by stress, overwork, and poor posture. Look below for some of the most common reasons for developing neck pain: 

Common Pathologies

Strains and Sprains
Degeneration and Spondylosis
Myofascial Pain Whiplash
Overuse syndromes and poor posture
Joint stiffness
Muscle stiffness
Lack of exercise and strength
Over active muscles or loss of muscle balance in upper extremity

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Take Control of Your Pain

Neck pain can often grip our lives and make general chores and house work very difficult. Aggravated by stress, many people report being stuck is a vicious circle. However, there is hope and there is help. Look below for some common treatment options to help relieve neck pain and recover from injury, trauma and aggravation.

Recovery Tips

Get the Heart Pumping

Simple exercise such as walking, brisk walking, stairs, and general activity is very good for the neck. The key is to listen to your body and take rest when required. The benefits of full body exercise are substantial for neck pain. They are also undervalued and often not spoke of. So attempt to continue what you enjoy doing, you body will thank you

Invest in Upper and Lower Body Strength

Start slow but strength exercises are key to keeping neck pain under wraps. In fact, building strength is important for protecting you spine and maintaining a healthy body. Below is a simple and effective program for a variety of neck pain disorders.

Neck Pain Program:
Bird Dog
Shoulder press 12 reps, 2 sets (min-mod weight)
Deadlifts (As Above)
Squats (As above)
Neck rotation and Flexion Stretch (30 seconds each side, 4 times each side)

See a Physical Therapist

It is proven that seeing a physical therapist can be highly beneficial to understanding which is driving your pain and how you can stop it.
A Physical Therapist Will assess:
Muscle length and strength
Joint Movement
Neurological System
System Imbalances

Having insight into you conditions can be very powerful and allow you to understand how to continue to improve and feel better. 

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