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Nerve (Radicular) Vs. Muscular (Somatic) Pain

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Muscle (Somatic) Pain

Stiff and Sore
Muscles and Ligaments

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Nerve (Radicular) Pain

Loss Reflex

Are you suffering from?

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What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain is a symptom or feeling that originates from neural tissue. This means that the pain is coming from an aggravated or inflamed nerve. There are lots of reasons why a nerve may be painful. Nerve pain is NOT always from a pinched nerve. Here is an example where nerve pain can originate from the lower back.

How Shockwaves Work

Shockwaves work by triggering the healing potential of cells in the body. When the sound wave goes through the tissue, it can stimulate stems cells to promote healing. This regenerative medicine can remove adhesions and scar tissue to increase blood flow. Shockwaves therapy have consistently proven to be an effective modern treatment for a wide spectrum of painful conditions and injuries.

Stimulate Cellular Activity

Shockwaves work by stimulating cellular activity. This activity is how the body is able to heal and recover from injury and dysfunction. Acting only as the “trigger”, this signal is important for starting the cellular process!

  • Active stem cells and migration
  • Increase blood flow markers
  • Turn healing “ON”

Spinal Decompression Treatment

Spinal decompression treatment is a computerized “traction”, that gently stretches the spine and the spinal muscles. This decompression allows the muscles to relax and helps relieve any tension on the nerves. Spinal decompression is used with other forms of treatment to decrease pain and improve muscle strength

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Our Approach

At Regenerate Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are experts in helping patients to quickly resolve their back and neck pain. Get back to doing what you want to do and learn how and why your pain occurred. During your assessment,  we will discuss your history, examine your spine, and evaluate your movement, strength, walking and coordination. Our examination will pinpoint the exact cause of your back pain or neck pain and help identify the most optimal treatment options.

We can help reduce your back and neck pain and get you back to optimal function today!

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How Does Spinal Decompression Work?

  • A gentle computerized pull allows the spine segments to stretch.
  • The decompression “pull” protocol is completed by your therapist.
  • You are lying down in a relaxed position and can allow the spine to stretch in length.


  • Increase blood flow
  • Decrease muscle stiffness
  • Decrease stress on nerves
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Our Treatment Approach

Our Approach to treatment involves a holistic plan that gets to the root of the problem. Our investigations will help you understand your nerve pain. We will Examine: Muscle strength, muscle length, reflexes, neuro exam, soft tissue exam, nerve compression and entrapment testing. When combined with your medical questionnaire, our movement nerve experts will provide not only a diagnosis, but an appropriate treatment pain. Our treatment techniques are what give our patients such high success rates with stubborn nerve pain.

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What Conditions Are Treatable?

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Regenerate Physiotherapy is an Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic that offers excellent, high quality care for all of our patients.

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