Professional Athlete Solutions for everyday life

Professional athlete solutions for everyday life

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Regenerate Physiotherapy is an Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic that offers excellent, high quality care for all of our patients. Our high success rates are proven with individualized treatment, customized programs, and advanced rehab equipment. A recognized and highly sought after Edmonton Physiotherapy Clinic, we treat many patients to relieve stubborn pain, activate their healing potential, and promote strength and endurance.

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Physiotherapy Clinic To Relive Stubborn Pain

 Relive Stubborn Pain

Get relief and start enjoying life again! Our movement experts will use techniques to help remove pain instantly!
Physiotherapy To Build Strength and Endurance

Build Strength and Endurance

Learn how to build strength and endurance and recover. Take back control of your life!
Edmonton Physiotherapy To Activate Your Healing Potential

 Activate Your Healing

Our experts will restore balance in your neuromuscular system. We work at a cellular level to promote rapid healing.

Our Way of Healing

At Regenerate Physio we offer an extraordinary healing experience. We offer treatment solutions or stubborn injuries, sports performance, post surgical and prevention. Our team of Physiotherapists in Edmonton are committed to your diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.

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Why Athletes, Doctors, and Our Awesome Patients Refer To Us?

Our Specialized Edmonton Physio Clinic is the choice for many high level athletes, medical doctors, and therapists. We offer treatment options for stubborn pain conditions and injuries that have been resistant to other forms of therapy.

We ALWAYS perform our assessment and treatment protocols to ensure the high success rates we are known for. 

Individualized Support

Your needs are important to us. We offer support to all of our patients, in clinic, over phone, and email. 

Established, Trusted, Caring

Our Edmonton Clinic is trusted by thousands of patients and referring medical

Patient Centred

You are at the centre of your recovery. It is your choice to pursue recovery. You are the priority with treatment. 
What is Excellent Physiotherapy Edmonton? 

Something That Inspires Change

Something That Inspires Change
The inspiration to change comes from within you. It is your choice to call us, your choice to book an appointment, and your choice to get better...

We are always inspired by our patients and the hard work they put in to get recover. 
Something That Inspires Change
Something That 'Moves' You

Something That 'Moves' You

Something That 'Moves' You
Many of our patients come to us to be able to move better. And to relieve pain and inflammation. To build strength and endurance to get back doing the things they love. 

Our Therapists are experts in getting things moving! This may include improving the motion of muscles, joints, nerves and bones.

Something That Connects Mind To Body

Pain is an important warning sign that helps our mind pay attention to our body. Sometimes this signal can get distorted, become over charged and even delay healing...

Our therapists are skilled in recognizing how to re-connect the mind to the body. This powerful connection is how we build strength in our muscles, and resolve pain.

Strengthening this connection is proven to build strength, endurance, and restore balance in the body. 
Something That Connects Mind To Body

Are You Ready To Make A Change? 

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